Tips For Unpacking After A Move

When you enter your new home, you may not feel the homelike environment, because of bare walls and surrounding boxes. Packing and re-arranging are the final processes of all relocation activities, but just like the packing process, unpacking can be tiring too.

However, unpacking is very easy but re-arranging is a very difficult task. Most of the people do get confused while unpacking and mess up their things. It is impossible to unpack your items in a single day. Unpacking takes a lot of time, and hence, gets the most important items unpacked first and then tackle the things that aren’t as crucial to your day-to-day life.

Basic Requirements

  • All-purpose cutter or utility knife.
  • Nails, sledge hammer and screwdriver.
  • Recycle bin for cardboard boxes.
  • The most important thing – Patience.

Basic Unpacking tips

Room Plans – Room plans should be made before unloading and unpacking for arranging your belongings. Planning should be done in such a way that you don’t have to rearrange larger pieces afterward.

Unpack your essential box – Locate your essential box and unpack all the items, which you need to get through the day and the next morning.

Unloading – Unload heavy items first, since it requires a lot of strength and energy, and also place all the boxes into the appropriate rooms while unloading.

Place heavy items first – Place the heavy items like furniture, refrigerator, etc. in an appropriate location according to the room plans.

Assemble the beds – You are going to be exhausted d by the time the day is over, so you will want to make sure that your bed is ready.

From Where to Start

Always keep the focus on a single room at a particular time. Before moving to the next room, make sure that all the required items are unpacked in that room. It is always better to start with the kitchen.

Kitchen – It is the area where most of the things happen, including family get-togethers and preparing meals. Start unpacking the most necessary items, those you use in your day to day life, and set them in the reachable spaces in descending order. It is not necessary to unpack all the items in one day. You can arrange items such as plates, cups, glasses, pots and pans, dishes and cereal bowls.

Bathroom – After unpacking all the required items in the kitchen, you can move to unpack the bathroom. It is small, and should not take too much of time to finish. Make sure that the bathroom’s mechanical systems are functioning properly and all the required items like soap, toiletries, etc. are unpacked.

Living room – Since the two necessary rooms have been arranged now, you can start organizing the furniture in the living room. Before making any move, make sure that all the electric outlets are functioning properly. Once you are satisfied, start unpacking the boxes, moving the furniture, and also hanging mirrors and pictures.

Bedroom – Take help of your family members to place heavy furniture and rearranging the beds. It is not necessary to set up the bedrooms on the first day itself, but allow each member to arrange and unpack her/his personal belongings. Make sure that all the required clothes, pillows and mattresses are unpacked, and also all the electric outlets are functioning properly.

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