The Nuts And Bolts of Auto Transport

When transporting your car, there are a variety of things you should know. Transporters are on the job to help you get your car moved to a new location with little hassle to you, but there are some people out there that can’t be trusted so the first thing you should be aware of it the company you are going with. Check around to see if someone you know has used the company before, check for references, and go with a company you have heard about. Below are a few useful tips for how to pick the correct auto transport and how to schedule the pick up and delivery.


You will want to plan in advance for the car to be picked up. Depending on where you are moving to, the auto transport company can have it to you in as little as two days or as long as three weeks. Most auto transport companies will not run with an empty trailer therefore they are picking up and dropping off cars as they go, if they are lucky they may have three cars on a trailer that are going to the same general area to help speed up the delivery process for you. You will need to keep this in mind when you are scheduling your transport. It is recommended to schedule your auto shipping four weeks prior to your move. This will give the transport company plenty of time to get someone to your location to pick up the car before you head out. The delivery will be set by the auto transporter, they will give you a broad time for the car to be delivered and as they get closer they will call you with the exact delivery date. You will want to make sure someone is there to receive the car.


You will need to have proper insurance on your vehicle. Check with your insurance companies to make sure it is covered for auto transportation. While the company is responsible for major damage to your car, they are not responsible for the overall car’s insurance. An auto transport company will check for any scratches, dents, and other damage to the vehicle before loading it on the trailer. They will go over this form with you and require a signature. Upon delivery, you will go over the damage again to make sure there is nothing new. Be aware rocks, and other debris on the road can cause minor scratches and is not covered under their insurance, it is a risk you will take for an open air transport.

Other Important Considerations

Do not leave personal items in the car. Most transporters will not accept a vehicle that has personal items in open view. This is a risk they will not take because it is in essence asking for a criminal to break in to the car. The transport also has weight concerns for weigh stations. They need to have the specific weight of the vehicle, make, and model to make sure they can fit it on the transport trailer with the other vehicles.

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