Auto Transport Tips You Should Be Aware of

There are a few aspects that need to be taken into consideration when you want to send you car away, especially if it is a long distance trip. Be sure to use a company that is insured as well as honest and reliable. Ask around, maybe someone will be able to direct you to a good company that will help you. It will depend on what type of vehicle you have and how much it is worth, to determine what type of truck will be used to transport your vehicle. Open or enclosed trucks are the options.

Before you do anything you will need a quote from a few different companies. A few different ones would be better so that you can determine which will be supply you with good service and not cause major damage to your bank account. In order for you to obtain a quote, there are a few things that the transporting companies will need to know.

They will ask what type of vehicle it is that will be transported, approximately when you would like the vehicle to leave and when you would like it to arrive, and exactly where you would like it delivered to. You will also choose what type of service you will require, either door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. Also, the big question is would you like your car transported in an open truck or a closed one? A closed truck is always better if you have an expensive car but it does cost quite a bit more than an open truck. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! The last thing is the size of your vehicle like if you have something as big as an SUV it will cost you more because it will take up more space on the truck.

Take into consideration that the transport trucks are rather large so you have to make sure that where they need to pick up the vehicle they have enough space to drive their truck. If not then you should make alternate arrangements for them to pick it up at a large parking lot or shopping center.

Once that has been finalized it’s time it gets your car ready for the journey! Make sure the car is clean so that you can see all the damages it might have and make a note of it before the cargoes. There should be no personal items of yours left in the car. If it has an alarm make sure it is deactivated and will not go off during transportation. The vehicle should also have a tank of gas or less than that. Then last, you need to check and make sure that all the things inside and on the car are secure and will not fall off, like the battery, hub caps, antenna, convertible covers and tops, all those things which your vehicle may have.

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